13-28 APRIL 2012
Photographer / Designer / Graphic Artist MADBUNNY represents "Life and Death" by his particular sense of speed. His artworks are heart warming but cool, revealing the motion which is hidden away in his photography and drawings. He has been introducing his originality in his pieces in Europe, with his mix between "One and Only" techniques like design and collage and "Mass  Production" techniques like silk-screen, stencils and stickers.
BYS DNT CRY. is the private label of the artist Akiyoshi Takada a.k.a. MADBUNNY for publishing his photo art books and products. Items with kitschy taste are produced from his 20 years of experience in graphic and apparel design. On sale in Berlin, London and Paris.
MADBUNNY is a Japanese international artist who has exhibited in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle and Tokyo.
...BOYS DONT CRY at the Subway Gallery
15 BUNNYS CUT-OUTS  Silkscreen, stencil, wood  Life size - ht.50 cm
MADBUNNY CANVAS - limited edition of 5 each - Silkscreen 45.5 x 38 cm
FRUITS BASKET - limited edition of 3 - silkscreen, stencil, spray paint, glitter on canvas  60 x 90 cm
OVER DOZE HOLIC - limited edition of 10 
Silkscreen, stencil, spray paint, glitter paint on canvas  100 x 80.3 x 2.5 cm
STICKERS: S 6 x 8 cm, M 10 x 13 cm, L 18 x 24 cm  -   AIR FRESHENERS  ht.11 cm
SKATEBOARD #1 & #2 (front and back) - limited edition of 50 each -  Wood
BYS DNT CRY. PHOTO ART BOOK  Hardback,160 pages 25.7 x 18.2 cm
KAT IN FRAME PRINT #1 & #2 - limited edition of 200 each   
Offset 135kg matt paper - signed, embossed, stamped, numbered - Framed size 105 x 75 cm
BLUEPRINTS - limited edition of 5 each