Mahtab Hussain
Safwaan Saeed 2011 © Mahtab Hussain
‘Building Desires’, curated by Gabriella Daris, showcases one part of
an ongoing photographic project by Mahtab Hussain which explores
the complexities of ‘identity’ and ‘self’ within the contemporary British Pakistani community. This particular aspect of the project focuses on a burgeoning internal conflict of identity projected by an agitated younger generation of British born Pakistani males. It considers the notion that
this group is split between their immediate and traditional environment
- an intricate system of cultural and religious practises which puts the collective whole first against the West’s persuasive ideology of the individual. Existing between this two conflicting worlds, Hussain’s
images witness these young men’s concept of individuality and
masculinity, most prominently expressed through a ‘performance’ and show of ‘acting hard’ and their attempt to break down society’s stereotypical notions of a Pakistani male living in the West.
Big Sal 2010 - edition of 15 - 50cm x 70cm
Olympia Boys 2010 - edition of 15 - 120cm x 150cm
Boy with flag 2009 - edition of 15 - 120cm x 150cm
Aquib 2010 - edition of 15 - 50cm x 70cm
Boy with dog 2009 - edition of 15 - 120cm x 150cm
Kaiser 2011 - edition of 15 - 50cm x 70cm     Rocky 2010 - edition of 15 - 50cm x 70cm