Gaz Mayall
2 JULY-14 AUGUST 2010
" Celebrating  30 years of  poster art.  Every Thursday since July  3rd  1980
I’ ve  been  running  this great night at a Soho club . For  the first  fourteen 
years  at Gossips in Dean  Street and thereafter at St Moritz  in Wardour St. 
Each time a live  band is  due to perform  there . Me and some close friends 
have  made  a flyer every week , now amounting to  over 1200. To coincide 
with the  release of  Gaz’s  Rockin’  Blues –  The First 30  Years ,  published 
this  year , the  book and  exhibition will  feature all the flyers and  posters 
I’ ve ever printed along with some  photos and memorabilia. Robert Fraser 
used to tease me in the early eighties saying that these flyers were not art. 
I  strongly objected , He was introducing street graffiti artists Jean -Michel 
Basquiat  and Keith Haring to London and  I remarked , if they were artists 
so were we . Subway  Gallery founder and artist Robert Gordon McHarg III 
has  known me  for 25 years  and has agreed all  along that this  is genuine 
and  good  contemporary art and also part of Soho and London’s rich music 
and  club  history . A legacy of  our late 20th  century  era  that  defines our 
   times, culture and taste in music and art. "                      Gaz Mayall - 2010
        TIME OUT 1-7 JULY 2010