10-25 MAY 2013
REBEL acrylic on canvas 92 x 50 cm
Subway Gallery is delighted to host POPular, GGT's first solo exhibition in the UK, an Italian treat not to be missed. GGT artistic journey begins in 1990 as an underground cartoonist in Milan, his colourful and ironically subversive work embraces all areas of the visual arts: painting, drawing, printing, 3D, filmaking, animation, comics, murals, design and VJing.
Rather than simplify, thanks to technology and innovative communication formats, our lives are marked by unnecessary superstructures and excessive facets from a myriad of signs and information. The most simple things become complex and are experienced with less pleasure and awareness. GGT comments and reacts to this, his style is simple and direct, based on the use of solid colours, outlined by bold sharp lines. Equally clear are the elements of his imagery, universal icons like hearts, monsters, crowns, bombs, televisions and halos. This deliberate formal simplicity conveys underlying messages through a greater complexity of content. Each artwork by GGT can be read at different levels, allowing it to be approached by anyone, regardless of age, gender, background, so realizing GGT's main goal.  GGT.it
AFOMIA with artwork SOCIAL MONSTER  acrylic on canvas  180 x 45 cm
SOCIETY MONSTER  acrylic on canvas  180 x 45 cm
BLACK POWER 1 - 4  acrylic on canvas  approx 53 x 33 cm
2.0  acrylic and screenprint on canvas 35 x 50 cm 
2.0 IN LOVE  acrylic on canvas 35 x 50 cm 
HOPE acrylic on canvas  96 x 49 cm 
SPAGHETTI PIZZA MANDOLINO acrylic on canvas 94 x 48 cm
FAMILY PORTRAIT acrylic on canvas  89 x 50 cm
WC  acrylic on wood 31 x 41 cm
BOMB DA BANK  acrylic and screenprint on canvas 35 x 50 cm 
BAD TIMES  ap screenprint  35 x 50 cm
MONSTER  acrylic on canvas 50 x 89  cm
MONSTER  acrylic and screenprint on canvas 35 x 50 cm
FIREMOUSE  acrylic on canvas 90 x 50 cm 
CARLO GIULIANI  acrylic on canvas 50 x 94 cm
GOD BOMBING  acrylic on canvas 50 x 94  cm  
THE KING ESCAPE  acrylic on canvas 93 x 50  cm