Sunday, 1 October 2006
Mr Wim
godfather of the ‘sticker movement’ and street art. His first London exhibition PIF POUF PAF mixes drawings, stickers & mesmerizabilia
The show explores how and why a caveman made his markers , started decorating his environment, invented the sticker and went on visiting othergrottos. PIF POUF PAF catches that moment in gesture and motion, out of the daylight , in the space-time continuum of the Subway Gallery.
Mr Wim, born in ‘61 in Antwerp, city of diamonds, went to the Jesuits, studied ‘art history’, joined the army and decided to become an artist,a peaceful revolution. he took part in ‘Public Urban Beautification in Antwerp. His lifetime tattoo projects includes conventions in Amsterdam,San Paulo and Bologna, plus ‘Graphical Massage for the eye & body’aka live body painting. He has been a player in SWA -sticker with attitude-a collective with Moon and Byzz  and his mural works can be seen in London, Berlin, New York, L A and Zurich.
Mr Wim is currently artist in residence at ‘The Vladivar Foundation”
godfather of the
‘sticker movement’