10-26 FEBRUARY 2011
2011 sees the Subway Gallery battle forward on its underground mission.
McHarg's installation sets the Subway Gallery on course in a new
direction of service to the arts.
During World War I, the British and Americans faced a serious threat from
German U-boats, which were sinking allied shipping at a dangerous rate.
All attempts to camouflage ships at sea had failed, as the appearance of
the sea and sky are always changing. Any color scheme that was concealing
in one situation was conspicuous in others. A British artist and naval officer,
Norman Wilkinson, promoted a new camouflage scheme: Dazzle Painting.
Instead of trying to conceal the ship, it simply broke up its lines and made
it more difficult for the U-boat captain to determine the ship's route.
 YOU BOAT    McHARG 2011