3-26 MARCH 2011
SINGLE MUM 2011 silkscreen print 45 x 112 cm - edition of 50
Stik’s latest solo show at the Subway Gallery features a Live Graffiti 
event on the opening night, an installation comprised of four large 
light-boxes and hosts the long awaited launch of the new high quality 
print edition “Single Mum” produced by Squarity.  As always there 
will be smaller,affordable pieces on sale too at this free show. 
Live painting by Stik on Saturdays throughout the month.
If you’ve visited East London in the last ten years you’ll doubtless have
seen the huge mysterious stick figures lurking on the sides of buildings 
and billboards. Deceptively simple in form, with just six lines each and dots 
for eyes, they are packed with subtle form and emotion. They are the work 
of street artist Stik, who having spent many years homeless and working 
on the streets, knows the city from the inside and manages to reach 
seemingly superhuman locations to paint these highly stylized pieces.
These days Stik exhibits in the West-End, liaises at Central Saint Martin’s 
“Graffiti Dialogues” with Police and Councils and is funded to run graffiti 
workshops by councils and schools. The artist also works with groups
as diverse as Amnesty International, Reclaim the streets, Queeruption, 
Mutoid Waste Company and British Waterways and yet still regularly 
paints unauthorised pieces around the capital, underlining Stik's status 
as a key component of both underground and mainstream art scenes.
SINGLE MUM 2011 - special edition artist proofs -45 x 112 cm
Silkscreenprint, oil based ink on 280gsm ‘Newsprint’ Somerset Paper  45 x 112 cm
Canvas, Acrylic paint 13 x 7.5 cm
SINGLE MUM 2011 - original -
Canvas, Acrylic paint 45 x 112 cm
LIGHT BOXES 2011 - Light red, Yellow, Orange, Red -
Metal light box, hand cut vinyl, perspex  53x 65 cm