Robert Gordon McHarg III

 13-28 MAY 2011

McHarg brings Joe Strummer centre stage by covering the gallery with photocopies 
of Joe's lyrics, images, thoughts and scribblings. This installation is based on 
Strummerville's Rehearsal Rooms that McHarg has had a hand in art directing/
installing - The Roundhouse in London, Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast - 
and the "Joe Strummer Past Present & Future" exhibition - London & Tokyo - 
curated by McHarg.

On the 22nd of December 2009, as a tribute to Joe, McHarg named the 
Subway Gallery's pedestrian subway were Strummer used to busk and roam,
JOE STRUMMER SUBWAY. In Gordon's words "It was an act of love and 
rebellion, for an artists who's words, music and actions have left me better off."


Basement Rehearsal Room 101 Walterton Rd  W9 - 1974