8-16 FEBRUARY 2013
It was in a charity shop in Poole, Dorset that Keira fell for her first
typewriter; a cute orange “Silver Reed 100”. She wanted to tap the keys,
watch the mechanism and see those marks appear instantly on the page
before her.  But with little to say, she felt somewhat hard done-by. Later,
at art school in Bristol she returned to the typewriter, asking, "why can't
I use it anyway? If not for words, then for mark-making?" and proceeded
to type a row of the same character.  How smart they looked like that, 
forming their own pattern. Moving away from language and words now,
Keira began to see another way. She was getting her own way
with a machine...how satisfying.
Keira continued using typewriters for mark-making, developing a process
which evolved into more complex images as her abilities grew, and she
began to see the potential of expressing herself against the restrictions
of the machine whilst exploring the possibilities of actually developing
a unique and competent art style and process.
In this ten year retrospective show, Keira presents a selection of
original typings, installations, limited edition prints and collectibles,
as well as exclusive personalised valentines day hearts available
on request and typed live at the event.
Photograph by Gareth Gardner
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